The Next War

The day may come when Israel has no choice but to destroy Hamas in Gaza, or Hezbollah in Lebanon, or even Iranian nuclear weapons facilities. Military operations such as these are complicated affairs, and will require world class intelligence, military execution and the cooperation of allies.

If Israel is forced to undertake such an operation, Israel will NEED THE 100% SUPPORT OF THE UNITED STATES.

During the 2014 war against Hamas in Gaza, we saw the Obama administration vacillate in its support for Israel's right to defend itself by destroying Hamas military capabilities. There were reports that the Obama administration was going to withhold military equipment from Israel. And the State Department even went so far as to ban US airlines from flying into the Tel Aviv airport. This was a blatant attempt to intimidate Israel.

If there is ever to be peace in the Middle East, the United States needs to fully support Israel when Israel needs to rid the region of terrorist regimes. Anything short of full US support for Israel will only encourage those who want to destroy Israel.

Republican Friends of Israel believes that peace in the Middle East cannot be achieved while Israel is surrounded by enemies who want to destroy her.