Why Support Israel?

Republican Friends of Israel, Inc. believes that the citizens of the United States benefit the most from strong, effective foreign policy, military policy, cyber-security policy, and anti-terrorism policy.

Strength in these four areas will benefit Americans because freedom and economic progress around the world translates into new avenues of economic growth for America’s free market economy, which then translates into new jobs and careers for Americans.

For our economy to grow, America needs to maintain strong ties with nations that share our values (such as the rule of law) and our belief that free people are the best creators of new products and services.

Israel is such a nation.

Israel is a stable democracy in a region of the world whose nations are run by either dictators or terrorists.

Israel maintains a free market economy that is a world leader in technology, agriculture, water management, healthcare, and energy research.

Israel is a world leader in education, having one of the most highly educated populations in the world.

Israel is a world leader in defense and military preparedness, and has developed many defense systems that are depended upon by free nations around the world.

Israel is a world leader in cyber-security. Israel understands that its future survival depends upon its abilities to protect its online assets against those who seek to destroy her.

Israel is a world leader in anti-terrorism activities, and is a valuable friend to America in our own anti-terrorism campaigns.

The qualities that America needs for our own freedom and economic well-being are qualities that we share with Israel.