Democrats and Israel

United States foreign policy traditionally has had bi-partisan support. In the past, both Democrats and Republicans maintained strong support for Israel.

More recently, support for Israel within the Republican Party has remained strong, but support for Israel within the Democratic Party has weakened.

Israel supporters who are Democrats can no longer assume that their party backs Israel.

In a Feb. 27, 2013 Jerusalem Post Right Turn blog  article written by Jennifer Rubin, Ms. Rubin writes about an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll: The poll asked if the United States should favor the Israelis, favor the Palestinians or treat them both the same. Among Democrats, only 18 percent said favor the Israelis; 52 percent of Republicans picked Israel. The poll also asked for which side the respondent had more sympathy. Only 34 percent of Democrats picked Israel, while 67 percent of Republicans did.

In an August 6, 2014 Newsmax article entitled “Polls: Democrats’ Support for Israel Weakening, Jennifer G. Hickey writes: A July 24-27 poll Pew Research Poll, when divided into party affiliation, support for Israel is lowest among liberal Democrats with 44 percent saying Israel has gone too far in its military campaign against Hamas in Gaza and 33 believe their response has been measured. More than half, 51 percent, of conservative Republicans say the response has been about right.

The gap in support for Israel among Republicans and Democrats is wide. RFI believes that support for Israel among the Democratic Party has deteriorated because the Democratic Party has come under the spell of far left special interest groups that associate Israel with free enterprise and freedom of thought, which the far left finds repugnant.

President Obama himself has had an “inconsistent” policy regarding Israel. To his credit, Obama has supported US financial commitments to the development of the Iron Dome missile defense system and has promoted close military cooperation with Israel.  Obama has also sided with Israel in the United Nations and has helped quash Palestinian Authority attempts to bypass direct negotiations with Israel by invoking UN resolutions to strong-arm Israel into concessions.

On the other hand, Pres. Obama has suggested Israel should be willing to accept the pre-1967 borders as a price for peace; has implied that Israel and Hamas are equally responsible for war in Gaza, and even had the administration stop US airline flights into Ben Gurion Airport during the 2014 Gaza war.

Fortunately Democrats in the Congress have by and large have maintained support for Israel.