Creation of Israel

In 1947 the international community, as represented by the UN General Assembly, voted to approve a two state solution in Palestine. The states were intended to co-exist side by side in peace. One state was to be a Jewish state. One state was to be an Arab state. The Jews accepted the two state solution, the Arabs did not. To this day, the Arabs do not accept the two state solution.

In May, 1948, Israel declared its independence as a Jewish state. The armies of Egypt, Syria, Transjordan (now Jordan) Lebanon, and troops from Saudi Arabia immediately attacked the new State of Israel. As the result of the cease-fire arrangement made months after the war started, Jordan had control of the West Bank of the Jordan river and East Jerusalem. Israel was left with a narrow strip of territory sandwiched in between Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea.

Under Jordanian control, Jews were denied access to their holy sites in the West Bank and the Western (Wailing) Wall in Jerusalem.

In 1950, Jordan formally annexed East Jerusalem and the West Bank. During the years of Jordanian rule over the West Bank and East Jerusalem (1949 to 1967) little or no effort was made by Jordan, the Arab states, the UN, or the local Palestinians themselves to create an independent Palestinian state.