The “Republican Friends of Israel” (RFI), a political, non-profit, non-sectarian, organization was founded in June 2010 to generate support for a free and secure Israel among Republican officeholders, candidates and rank and file Republicans. A deepening of the understanding between the US and Israel, a major objective of the RFI, can be achieved through the election of Republican candidates committed to maintaining strong ties between the two countries.

To accomplish its goal, RFI will:

  • » Showcase Republicans with a demonstrated record of support for a free Israel and help to elect them at all levels of government.

  • » Be proactive in supporting candidates through the dissemination of information pieces, placement of ads in local papers, phone calls to increase voter turnout and participation in other get out the vote campaigns.

  • » Interface with the media, elected officials and other influential individuals to champion the case for Israel

  • » Promulgate RFI’s pro-democracy, non-sectarian message to the national media coverage of Israel.

  • » To download our Guide To The Middle East please click here.